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Preservation & Protection Hindu Religion, Culture & Ancient Values

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Due to the similar work, I do in India and through family connections, friendships, and associations with leaders and organizations allied with the Founder of ICCS and likeminded individuals, I was invited to attend as a delegate, to observe, advise, and assist the 6th ICCS conference in Mumbai.

Written By: Eldad Kindseth

Due to the similar work, I do in India and through family connections, friendships, and associations with leaders and organizations allied with the Founder of ICCS and likeminded individuals, I was invited to attend as a delegate, to observe, advise, and assist the 6th ICCS conference in Mumbai. I represented the Indian movement “Preservation & Protection of Hindu Religion, Culture, and Ancient Values” on behalf of my adopted home, India, and specifically, from my home state of Odisha.

I have been very enthusiastic about ICCS and what it represents as the PAN India movement with which I am affiliated being started in India and having similar aims and objectives. Our movement works towards preserving and protecting the nations, peoples, and their ancient traditions, customs, and cultures by initially protecting and preserving Hindu religion, culture, and ancient values which are being systematically undermined, altered, and destroyed in a coordinated effort by foreign Christian missionary forces. India and its Vedic-Hindu tradition is the world's parent civilization and the last remaining great civilization which has not yet fully succumbed to cultural destruction and conversion which has taken place around the globe. But let us not be deluded and shortsighted. India is in great danger! The same agenda and mindset, which in times past pushed all other ancient traditions and cultures around the globe to the point of extinction, have now joined forces in a coordinated effort to ensure that history repeats itself on the Indian subcontinent. We’ve reached a point where India has more missionaries and the money that sponsors them than any country on earth. If the Indian-Vedic tradition falls, so do all the other pre- Christian ancient cultures and traditions which are being revived, restored, and on the upswing today in large part because of the efforts of sponsoring organizations like ICCS. Thus, our movement aims to restore India's former greatness by recreating unity, patriotism, nationalism, love of country, proud sense of self-identity, and a revived understanding and appreciation among the Indian population, of the greatness of their history, spiritual and scientific achievements, and most importantly their ancient traditions and culture. The only way to achieve this is for Indians to realize their own greatness and rewrite an accurate version of history based on evidence rather than the missionary, colonial, and imperialist version to which it now adheres.

Attending the ICCS conference was one of the most emotional, valuable, and memorable events of my life, an event of global significance.

The conference elicited tears of joy and sadness, the joy being that finally, in our generation and in our time, after 2000 years of preplanned, organized, and relentless forced conversions, death, cultural destruction, imposed conformity, and the global enforcement of a “one shoe must fit all philosophy,” the plan to create a single universal religious empire is being openly questioned and challenged by organizations such as ICCS and allied movements, individuals, and the delegate attendees. The sadness is the remembrance of all that has happened and the realization that the greatest threat to humanity and the human experience is not climate change, environmental hazards, or the extinction of plant and animal species.

The greatest and most tragic event which has been and still is taking place for the last 2,000 years and has swept the entire globe has been Cultural Genocide. Throughout the conference, listening to the speakers, sitting in on the presentations, observing the sacred circle, and talking to the delegate representatives of the nations, peoples, and pre-Christian traditions and cultures it didn’t matter whether the delegate was from northern Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and so on, the message, history, and experience from all delegates was similar. The Christian missionary agenda previously never existed. All our ancestors had a pre-Christian culture, tradition, and way of life which was very similar in belief and customs and can be traced back to the Vedic traditions and culture of ancient India. So much of this culture has been systematically altered and destroyed. Our ancestors were forced to hate and were told that their way of life was bad and evil. They were called all manner of derogatory names such as pagans, heathens, idolaters, cannibals, barbarians, rapists, savages, uncivilized, and devil worshipers. Because of this ongoing onslaught, our ancient culture and traditions are at the brink of extinction and in need of preservation and restoration. The entire focus of India, through its representative organization ICCS, is to save the world, humanity, and our global communities from further cultural extinction.

At the ICCS event, the sheer greatness of the Hindu-Vedic tradition and culture was on full display in all its openness, hospitality, peace, community, and family. All the international delegates, from the moment of arrival, were treated like royalty with the greatest of hospitality and all the goodness which the Hindu culture has to offer. The sponsors, organizers, and coordinators of the event were very gracious and did a tremendous job in making all necessary arrangements and preparations for the international visitors. It was a privilege and an honor to meet the elders, representatives, and offspring of so many ancient cultures and traditions which have faced tremendous persecution, and despite all opposition, continue to struggle and observe the ways of their forefathers. I respect such individuals that have the courage and willingness to stand up for what they believe, and it is all such individuals I want to stand up for and be with because I can call them my own family and dearest friends with all my heart and gladly consider them to be a part of my family, friends, and community. I felt connected and united with all the tribes, whether it was the elders and delegates from the Lakota, the Mayans, Yazidi, Latvian, African, or Hindustan. The entire conference was a very inspirational and spiritual experience. Participating in all the prayer ceremonies, including the Sanatan Dharma puja was very uplifting. The community of nations getting together to take back what was lost was comforting. There is no doubt that, for the duration of the conference, our pre-Christian ancestors were rejoicing as their children were at last seeking to rediscover and return to the ancient beliefs and customs. We were all going back to a time when religious conflict was almost nonexistent and tribes and groups of people had their differences, but most cultures had a general respect for each other’s gods, beliefs, and ways of life without judgement or discrimination, a great era before the mass conversions took place. Being in the presence of like-minded individuals I also felt that ancestral calling, and it made me remember my ancestors who were also forcibly converted after waging war for hundreds of years against those who sought to change their religion and culture.

In conclusion, the event was so important and so successful, in my opinion, not only because of the sheer number of attendees from all over the world and from all aspects of life but also the entire concept and for what the conference stood.

Where did we as the human species go wrong? What was the reason for all this material and cultural destruction? What were we, as the representatives of the global community, under the protection and guardianship of the Indian Vedic-Hindu community trying to achieve?

In a nutshell, the domino effect started about 2,000 years ago in Rome when, in pursuit of expanding a defeated and crumbling military empire, the concept of creating organized religion was formed. Religion and the concept of God was then used by the empire and militarized, politicized, commercialized, corporatized, and radicalized for personal gain, ambition, money, power, and control. Thus, the empire converted from a materialistic empire with borders to a religious empire without borders and in the process, the missionary mindset, the belief in “one shoe must fit all,” concept was invented and created for invasion. The philosophy was that the religious empire would expand at whatever the cost south, north, west and lastly east. The foundation of the philosophy stood on the foundation that all must be destroyed, rebuilt, and then replaced. Out of the old, we will build the new and will rewrite history as is deemed fit using a narrative which justifies and promotes further expansion of the religious empire. It was from this chain of events, that the last two millennia has completely changed human development and history. It was this empire building modus operandi with the help of the dogmatic missionary mindset which later evolved, and working in tandem with colonialism, imperialism, and thereby created generations of victims, which in turn after conversion, became tomorrow’s victimizers. Starting in Europe and taking around some 1,000 years to convert the Europeans, the Roman Christians then moved on to Russia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, then Asia. It is an unfortunate fact of history that Europeans were the first victims of this violence and conversion, and after living through the Dark Ages in which religion was used to terrorize the population, in time, the first victims became the victimizers and consequently became the first face of this new racist, dogmatic, intolerant, colonialist, and imperialist mindset which swept the globe. So much of our current history has been written by the victors and not the victims, but now a mechanism has finally been put into place whereby we at ICCS have come together from the global community, representing our different pre-Christian traditions and cultures. We are taking steps to set right what has been wronged. We are restoring what has been destroyed. We are rediscovering the heritage and culture of those who had been forcefully converted. We are retelling, rewriting, and exposing history as it really happened based on evidence and including all points of view, namely that of the victims. We are trying to expose the missionary movement for what it really is. We are supporting India, arguably the world’s founding and greatest civilization, in its current struggle against the same destructive forces that have been at work in other parts of the world for thousands of years. We are uniting with one voice and telling the accused that we see what they are doing, and we are going to stop Cultural Genocide in its tracks. It is time for unity in diversity.


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