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Events & Gatherings


Gathering of Indigenous Spiritual Elders from South America and the Abya Yala

March 7th - 10th




The unification process of spiritual leaders around the world is taking place. In order to take the next step among the Latin American peoples, we propose a 4 days private gathering, to bring together native intellectuals and spiritual leaders from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala, Bolivia and Chile. The gathering is organized and supported by the International Center for Cultural Studies (ICCS US), the Original Care Takers Program from the Center for Earth Ethics in NY and The Fountain in CA, USA. 
We are expecting a delegation of 80 Spiritual Elders and volunteers of the Otomi, Mexica, Shuar, Kogui, Cofan, Kechua, Kichua, Ashuar, Maya and more than 15 native traditions from Colombia. This unique meeting is intended to reveal insights about the state and future of Mother Earth, and to share knowledge, ideas and actions by means of the unification process.  

The Gathering of Indigenous Spiritual Elders from South America and the Abya Yala, will be an expression of dialogue and reciprocity to heal Mother Earth for present and for future generations. It promises meaningful discussions as well as the development of pragmatic plans of action. 

Sabidurías de la Universidad del Monte en Defensa del Territorio

Oct 30 - Nov 4




La universidad del monte es la tierra, son las voces de los animales, las plantas, las piedras, el viento, el agua. Es el homo-humus: hombre/tierra, mujer/tierra, niños/tierra, donde le rector ya sea la tunda, la tulpa, la chagra, la milpa, el tul, su objetivo es el beneficio para la tierra y la humanidad, es garantizar la vida para los que vienen, es pensar desde el corazón. 

Esta serie de conversatorios a manera de circulo de palabra, en el marco del Festival Internacional de la Cultura de Boyacá, lo proponen los Indígenas, Mayores y Taitas de los pueblos Nasa, Misak, Êbêra, Yanacona y Kokonuko, con temáticas que permitan visibilizar desde las sabiduría ancestral la importancia de la limpieza, protección y sanación del territorio. Se compartirán usos, costumbres, “medicina” tradicional y aspectos de la espiritualidad fundamentales en los proceso de identidad y autonomía de los pueblos originarios. Se compartirá con un público dirigido esta conversa y que llegue a todas las personas todos los lugares donde se esté haciendo minga en defensa de la vida y el territorio.

One Tree Gathering

Aug 25th - 26th




One Tree Gathering is a project based on the idea of common origins of the ancient European and Dharmic cultures. The project was initiated between 2006 and 2010 as a result of meetings between members of the ICCS and OBOD (the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids) - a pagan organization which continues traditions, rituals, teaching and folklore which were practiced centuries ago. The aim of the project is to explore connections particularly between the Celtic traditions and Hindu culture and to provide a platform for our communities to exchange ideas and form relationships based on friendship, mutual understanding and shared values. 


Annual gatherings in the summer are organized, which bring together members of pagan and Hindu communities as well as many open minded people from various spiritual  paths who feel an affinity with the cultural and philosophical heritage of these ancient traditions. These gatherings provide an opportunity to meet like minded people and take in inspiring  talks, discussions  and interactive workshops as well as get to know each other through bonding activities. Throughout the year we maintain contacts between the Pagan and Hindu circles by organising social gatherings and attending ceremonies and festivals hosted by each community.


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Past Events

Past & Recent Conferences

Since 2002, ICCS has organized more than 28 conferences across the globe. ICCS functions as a platform to bring like-minded people together.

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