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Puruchucho & Wak'a San Borja, Peru

Watunakuy, is a Quechua word whose cultural meaning relates to the regeneration of life and spiritual ties between humans, deities, and Nature in the endless cycle of existing in this world. In the Watunakuy, strength, affection, respect and collective rituality are shared and transmitted. This renews our commitment to live a life of balance that honors the sacred.

“We children, accompanied by our teachers, have come from the sacred land of Cusco, to establish this first Watunakuy here in this sacred place, to remind you, ladies and gentlemen, that we are the seeds of a new humanity, that we have to look back again, to recover and make visible our highly spiritual millenary culture, which has bequeathed us a diversity of seeds along with their wisdom and secrets, to live in harmony and balance. Now is the time to regain respect for Mother Earth if we want to continue living”.

Paola Pérez Puma - 13 year old

On December 9th and 10th, 2019, over 200 people gathered in Puruchuco and Wak'a San Borja, in Lima, Peru, to thank the Father Sun (Tayta Inti) for being a source of life, for the seeds and for all humanity. This was the third Watunakuy held in Puruchuco and the first one in San Borga.

These ceremonies and gatherings strengthen the human connection with Mother Earth and the spiritual world. They are also an opportunity to strengthen the cultural identity, as well as the commitment of our human raze to protect and nurture life, and to revitalize the sacred sites. 

Different organizations and Ministries, including ICCS US, provided economic support which made it possible for teachers, Elders, and children from Cuzco, to travel to Lima to carry on this important ceremony, a celebration which included a pilgrimage, music, and dance.

These Watunakuys have been coordinated and facilitated by the local organization CEPROSI, during the last 14 years. Their mission is to strengthen the ancestral wisdom, to preserve seeds and to care for Nature for future generations.


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