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The volunteer program of ICCS welcomes volunteers who are interested in learning, protecting and discovering new ways of how indigenous traditional knowledge can influence our modern decisions to be more conscious. Besides being an adventurous experience and an opportunity to establish a closer connection with nature, the program is designed with the intention to strengthen both the ancestral communities as well as the volunteers.


Facilitate respectful cultural exchange among caretakers who help through the revitalization of ancestral traditions to preserve life.


Selfless Service

We work for the sake of the highest purpose, recognizing the worth of mankind and keeping the value of life in mind.


Responsible Exchange

We believe that interculturality with reciprocity is based on respect and appreciation from what is being learned. The volunteer must follow guidelines that ensure that they are contributing towards the good of the communities.​

Why volunteer with ICCS?

To experience, first hand, the reality of ancestral communities, to enter into that world witnessing its complexities, to approach to its worldview and to realize that there are a lot of similarities and a strong connection of how all communities connect to Mother Earth. The type of knowledge that we strive to offer is to genuinely know, through a vivid experience, the world that we inhabit so that you become committed as a complete human being: listeners, observers, critical thinkers and activists of positive change.


The volunteer opportunities that we offer are related to each field of action that we work in cooperation with the local communities of Colombia.


Internship With

Ancestral Communities

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