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Internship with ancestral communities

General Objective

Facilitate the selfless service of indigenous and non-indigenous people trained to support local processes, which are contributing to the vindication of Mother Earth, through the revitalization of practices and world views of indigenous peoples around the world.



Specific Objectives 


  • Identify indigenous communities in America & India that, based on their community organization, present initiatives that can be supported through the management of the volunteer  support in the following areas: Documentation of their cultural and spiritual manifestations, Own Education System & Territory,  Funds Development and General Support at Elder Gatherings.

  • Generate volunteering experiences that nourish the visualization of ICCS field work with indigenous communities.



Volunteer Opportunities


1. Documentation

Respectfully documenting the traditions of indigenous communities is a way to keep alive and preserve all the components of cultural practices and their sacred connection with their environment. As a teaching for humanity, and as a point of reference towards work for universal welfare, we share this knowledge responsibly through photography, video, writing, painting, etc, looking forward to creating opportunities of dialogue  between cross-cultural communities.


2. Fund Development

Fundraising volunteers need to use their excellent communication skills to research and support fundraising events and  look for opportunities of donation possibilities such as raising money from individuals, companies, foundations, events, campaigns, etc. 


3. Indigenous Own Education System & Territory

Following the Indigenous Own Education System, this experience means an opportunity to recognize the value of the sense and worldview that indigenous children have, therefore, the approximation of supporting as facilitators in the areas of learning that the school agrees within their guidelines, should be based on the interpretation of the environment, practices and traditions of the community. In this way we contribute to the strengthening, conservation and preservation of tradition and culture.


4. General Support at Elder Gatherings

Being present at gatherings while serving in a specific task is the best close up that a volunteer could be exposed to diversity, ceremonies and the sharing of Elders’ wisdom. Volunteers should commit to support the synchronicity and special flow of the agenda, logistics, documentation, etc.


Volunteers Profile

Applicants over 18 years old, who are passionate about discovering sustainable ways of life. Also those who establish good relationships with different people, animals and nature. Volunteers may be taking a university course and are interested in undertaking ethnic research to complete their academic studies, or professionals interested in contributing to the revitalization of indigenous ancestral practices, worldview and wisdom.


Time frame

Depending on the volunteer option opportunity, timeframe may vary depending on the host community and the volunteer availability. Although in order to have a most meaningful and profound experience it is recommended to stay no less than a month and no more than 6 months (some exceptions may apply). 

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